What does the Remove Task feature do on timesheets?

Posted By Posted by: Cheston Hsu on June 5, 2019

Users when seeing this button may use it to remove a task from their timesheet without understanding what it truly does. The intent of this button is for user, to reject a task that has been assigned to them. Once the rejection has been approved by the project manager, the user is no longer assigned to the task. As a consequence, the task will not appear on the user’s timesheet any further.

The most likely reason why this button  may already be greyed out is because the user has put effort against that task and therefore cannot remove it. The question now becomes, if you are not meant to use the remove task button what are the ways to remove a task from a timesheet?

There are a few ways to remove a task from a user’s timesheet:

  1. If the task is in the past from the current timesheet period (e.g. the task ends 1/5/19 and the timesheet period start date is the 6/5/19) then the task will disappear on its own.
  2. If the task is for a period in the past but has remaining work on it, it will appear on the timesheet. A workaround to this is to set the remaining work to zero which effectively marks the completion of your work on the task, and in result removes the task from your timesheet.
  3. If they are no longer assigned to the task, then the task will no longer be shown on the users timesheet
  4. If the task field Locked has been set to “Yes”, then the task will also be removed from the user’s timesheet. When a task is locked it means that no status updates can be put against it.
  1. If the task field Publish has been set to “No” it means that the task can be seen on the project, but it will not be added to the user’s timesheet or task progress. Or to put another way, this field impacts user assignments as to whether they can see the assignment or not.
  1. If the Booking Type on the Resource Plan has been set to “proposed” rather than “committed” it will remove the task from timesheets.

    NOTE: This will remove all tasks from the specific project off the user’s timesheet


Users should be careful when using the remove task button, as it may give undesired outcomes. If users wish to remove a task from their timesheets, refer to the different ways listed above.

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