Working Offline and Resource Engagement

Posted By Posted by: Derek Halawa on November 22, 2017

The Need

Project managers use sophisticated scheduling/resourcing of Microsoft Project Professional. The desktop client is meant to be connected to the Online PWA instance to access all features such as Enterprise Resources.

The Challenge

PMs need to work on their projects on the go where they are not always connected to the Online PWA.

The Old Way

If you are not using the Resource Engagement feature, then you can keep on using the old way of working offline similar to the steps in this article. However, if you use Resource Engagement, then you will face the following error when trying to sync your offline changes with the server:

We can’t save right now because there are resource engagements in this project or the one it’s replacing. Please save your project with a new name or delete the old project and try again.


The New Way

In a nutshell, don’t save your offline changes to a file then try to upload it online. Instead, use the cash feature of Microsoft Project Professional (MSP). Here’s how:

  1. Launch your MSP, connect to the Online PWA instance
  2. Open your project in edit mode
  3. Go offline. You may lose internet connection intentionally or unexpectedly:
    1. To go Offline intentionally, in the bottom left corner of MSP, click on the globe symbol and select Work Offline
    2. If you lose internet connection unexpectedly, the symbol will change to offline if you attempt to save changes. The status bar will show: Project Offline. Cannot Synchronize data to server
  1. Edit the project in MSP (in Offline mode)
  2. Save the changes (it’ll be saved to the local cash). Don’t save it as a file on your desktop
  3. Close MSP (or keep it open)
  4. If you’ve closed MSP, then to access the cashed version of the project, launch MSP, and in the Login window make sure to select the PWA instance, then click Work Offline
  5. You can make more changes and save them to the cashed copy
  6. To save the changes to the Online PWA instance:
    1. Check that you’re connected to the internet. We Suggest visiting this awesome website:
    2. If you’re still in Offline Mode, click on the globe symbol in the bottom left corner and select Connect to Server
    3. The globe symbol will change. Click on Save and observe the successful completion in the status bar

Now, you can enjoy MSP on the go without losing your schedule changes and Resource Engagements!

Note: you can access the status of cashed projects by clicking on the globe symbol then clicking on Active Cache Status.

You should see something similar to this.

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