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pmo365™  is the optimal way to digitise project portfolio management (PPM) in your organisation. It removes the administrative overhead of collecting data and provides invaluable insights. Built in the Microsoft Office365 cloud and using Microsoft PPM software, it becomes your centralised, single source of truth.

There are three simple components to pmo365™:

  1. Your choice of a ready-to-go framework of forms, workflows, dashboards and apps
  2. The services to optimise the value you get from the tool
  3. The Microsoft Office365 subscription that you’ll need for the service

These are described below:

pmo365™ Provides

It's ONE stop shop, ONE source of truth.


Schedule Management
Powerful and familiar scheduling capabilities extended to deliver milestone levels, schedule templates, custom fields and views. pmo365™ also provides sets of custom fields (called attributes) for reporting and record-keeping.

Time Reporting
Track the time spent on project tasks and progress toward completion, as well as time spent on administrative tasks like leave, training and travel. pmo365™ provides Status Updates and/or Timesheets to perform these activities and delivers a full view of resources’ time.

Resource Management
Using systematic resource requests and robust resource analytics, pmo365™ enables organisations to proactively manage demand on resources, identify bottlenecks early, and assist in project/portfolio selection/optimisation based on resources availability.

Pipeline Management
pmo365™ helps organisations gather and manage their pipeline of new ideas and convert them into projects. It uses web forms to capture new ideas and build-out initial information. A workflow then manages an approval process before converting an approved idea into a project.

Cost Management
The on-going control and reporting of project cost information with the automated import of actuals data from external finance tools and ERP systems. pmo365™ provides users with the tools to estimate project costs, baseline budget, track actuals and forecast future costs.

Program Management
Tagging projects in pmo365™ enables projects to be grouped by a program name in the user views, reports and dashboards.  This grouping enables the roll-up and aggregation of project information to a program level, as required.


Project Governance
Best-practice workflows are used to support the management framework to govern projects. These include gate approvals, enforcement of the information required for each stage/phase, notifications and approval-seeking.  Different workflows may apply to different project types.

Benefits Management
During project initiation, expected benefits from an initiative/project are recorded in a benefits log – used by decision-makers to approve initiatives. Downstream, actual versus expected benefits are compared.



RAID Log Management
A SharePoint site for each project for logging and managing Documents, Risks, Issues, Assumptions, Dependencies, etc., to enable project team collaboration. These logs are set up to suit clients’ requirements and to comply with framework standards and methodology.

Portfolio Analysis
pmo365™  helps organisations to objectively prioritise their initiatives and projects to align with strategic drivers. It assists in optimising the selection of projects and initiatives against constraints such as budget and resources availability.

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