Project Online Services

Project Online is Microsoft’s cloud project portfolio management (PPM) application, accessible through Office365. It provides users with complete Project Server functionalities. As with any other enterprise tool, Project Online is likely to have an impact and dependency on other applications and/or data sources. Potentially therefore, it is likely to need extending to enable further capabilities and functionalities.

EPM Partners has identified the most common points in Project Online that might need integration and/or extensions and has developed a set of cloud-based Azure applications and services that can be consumed as software-as-a-service (SaaS). We call these Project Online Services.

Project Online Services save time and effort for Project Online users and offer further capabilities around reporting, data integration and migration.


DataLink is a robust enterprise data integration service which integrates data from other line-of-business systems into Project Online. It enables Project Online administrators and users to easily build data connections between Project Online and other data sources. This not only helps in providing consolidated reporting from a single source of truth, but enhances project tracking and business decision-making in Project Online, as the imported data can be consumed in its workflows, forms and pages.

DataLink can be used to bring data from other data sources or applications like ERP, CRM, Billing, HR, eComm, etc., or for simple extractration in an Excel or .CSV format. DataLink is easy to use and doesn’t require a specialised skill set. It is built on the Azure platform and has the same UI as Project Online.

Data Link


ReportsHub is central to Project Online customers who want to use SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to produce high-quality, multi-data source reports with data drill-through. Output is published to project sites, to SharePoint and to PDF. These reports can be produced on-demand as well as on an automated schedule and sent automatically to email recipients. Examples of these reports would include Project Status reports, Project Portfolio reports and Project Financials reports. ReportsHub is an Azure based service that downloads data from Project Online via OData, or interrogates Project Online in real time via its API.
ReportsHub also has a set of well-designed and proven pre-built reports. This helps to:

  • Reduce the effort and risk required to define, build, test and document reporting requirements
  • Provide a proven-set of excellent reports that can be rapidly deployed
  • Provide clients – uncertain about reporting requirements – with a set of typically requested PPM reports that present a great starting point


Migrator is a web service that enables Project Online administrators to migrate data into Project Online. The data to be migrated can be projects, tasks, resources, etc. It is ideal for Project Online customers who want to migrate data from their existing PPM platform.

Migrator can also be used to move data between Project Online instances (test to prod, or vice versa). Migrator is easy to use and doesn’t require a specialist skill set. It is built on the Azure platform and has the same UI as Project Online.




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