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EPM Partners recognises that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all PPM solution but also understands that there is a set of typical, and most often required, configurations for PPM functions. Best Practice ShowCase is a set of:

  1. Pre-built Configurations
  2. Forms and Workflows
  3. Reports and Dashboards
  4. Apps and Online Services
  5. Documentation and Training Materials

It has been designed to give EPM Partners’ customers a ready-to-use solution that contains sets of proven, standardised, tested and documented functions on the Microsoft PPM platform. ShowCase is based upon the experiences of EPM Partners senior consultants in the delivery of hundreds of high-value PPM solutions for customers both in Australia and overseas.

Best Practice ShowCase is available for three usage profiles – Lite, Standard and Enterprise. Profile choice depends upon the client’s project portfolio management maturity and the functionality required.

Once deployed, the Best Practice ShowCase become an integral part of a client’s solution. ShowCase is not a separately licensed product and as such, may be moved as part of the client’s solution to another hosting platform, as required.

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